The SPORT CORE™ Program is built for fundamental athletic development of children.

The program provides a complete solution to a child's physical education needs – fitness, sports and evaluation.

We provide a unique program for each class from 1st to 10th. Every day the children participate in an organised, fun and informative activity. We strive to reduce monotony by ensuring novel games and workouts every academic year.

The SPORT CORE™ Program using these guidelines provides systematic activation of athletic attributes such as speed, strength, flexibility and reflexes.

The LTAD program provides a backbone for training children in an age appropriate manner.

SSP Coaches undertake extensive training on the various SSP products and work in conjunction with existing PE staff of the school to ensure that the Physical Educational needs of every child in the school are met.

The SPORT CORE™ Program ensures the inclusive physical fitness development of all school children irrespective of the Board (CBSE, SSC, ICSE, IB etc.) of the school.


The SPORT CORE™ curriculum has been developed to engage 100% school population in the PE classes keeping in mind the athletic needs of children.

SPORT CORE™ Program has evolved based on data collected from testing school children in various fitness parameters. Constant surveys to check the validity of the program are conducted to improve the curriculum year on year.

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