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Welcome to School Sports Program
We are a sports education company offering scientific, comprehensive and customized physical education to schools.
School Sports Program (SSP) was born out of a need of its founders to create an institution where the basic athletic requirements of Indian children could be realized and developed.
The philosophy behind SSP is simple. Think Long Term. Sports education, like any other form of education is not an overnight process. It takes time, effort and determination of all parties involved to ensure that children lead healthy lives

To this end, SSP brings together time tested scientific techniques, best practices in the field of pediatric exercise science and physical education to tailor make physical education programs for schools. These techniques, combined with our well-trained, highly experienced team of doctors, individual sport specialists  and physical educators goes to ensure that the full potential of every child is realized, thereafter permitting her/him to lead enriching lives.

   For Parents
Many children drop out of sport when the demands of the sport exceed their fitness level. Since skill and aerobic capacity are two sides of the same coin ......
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   For Schools
Children grow at different rates and hence have different timings of maturation. Based on this there are certain “Windows of Trainability” ....                                                                   Know More....
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